Here is Why Quora Sucks for Truthful Answer Writers

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     824     03/17/2020

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I had started to write answers on Quora and it slowly became my habit.

I was active in many topics but more importantly under Freelancing and God.

I recently reached to mark 100K+ content views.

However, Quora's moderation BLOCKED my account on answering a question about Coronavirus.

And I also had recently posted a question about Coronavirus in relation to WHO.

And they finally blocked my account.



It clearly shows that if you're a truthful and honest person and you want to write on Quora.

Then don't do it.

You'll waste your time and efforts on this platform.

One thing to be clear, it's not bad to express your answers and start practicing to write on Quora, that's fine.

However, if you need to say something brutally honest then get ready to be suspended and blocked.

They won't care whatever your rank is, status is or views are.

One suggestion that I can give to you is that whenever you write any good answer then copy it and post on your own blog or website for example question as "title", and answer as "post" so your content will not be wasted.

This way you can increase your own content for your own website too.

This is true face of Quora's team but in fact not just Quora team. 

It's common practice on many major freelancing platforms too where they don't truly care people.

You've no life when you're dependent on ANY social media platform no matter Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, etc.

They are giant and useless pieces IF you are relying for your BUSINESS and REPUTATION.

Your real business should be independent of the platform.

Just use these platforms as a window to external world but don't make them your business to lose overnight.

The rest is your choice.

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