Fun Types of Freelancers You Will Face the Most

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     776     06/09/2018

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If you are in business to hire freelancers then chance are you are going to meet different types of freelancers. Here are some fun facts about them.

I use specific titles for them and they deserve it.

Crap Lancers:

They know nothing much about their field and trying hard to take work from you then work on it as an experiment to provide you crap work.

They hardly ever went to jobs or have any industry experience. Your project is like a toy for them to play and do an experiment. So avoid picking them.

Slave Lancers:

They don't care you so much and they would like to finish what you ordered them to do so. You will have to supervise them, check their work and guide them.

Perhaps, everyday? And you are so free to do it?

Think about it when choosing them.

Cheap Lancers:

They are like slave. They will do whatever you demand for as low as a even $1 for the sake of winning among competitors.

They don't even care or realize how much time and efforts are required on a project.

And clients who chose them mostly cry out loud because such clients deserve it of course for saving their bucks and hire cheap lancers. 

Busy Lancers:

They will frustrate you the most. You will get headache while working with them.

You will chase them but you will have no response, no update and you won't even know what's happening.  

They may popup a day to say yes we are making progress and then disappear again.

At the end you are left without on time delivery or fed up.

And guess what?

Your own project is now late so face your own client if you had outsourced.

Or, if this was your own project then your pain can be relieved.

Rob Lancers:

They are the dangerous one. While previous types will not harm you much for the money but these rob lancers will mostly want to empty your pocket.

Starting from the project to tasks involved to any further changes, they will ask you the money. They would like to make you their slave.

They may also break your site or intentionally damage any page or functionality after delivery of the project.

So that you will go back to them and inform about your problem.

And guess what? They surely know it. They will ask money and fix what they did themselves.

Lesson? Change your credentials as soon as you are done working with a freelancer or even company.

True Lancers:

They are rare and they know what they stand for.

They will care you, stand by your side, deliver on time, stand for the support and will make your life easier and relax.

Their cost could be in average to higher than competitors but they will take everything off your shoulder and get the job done along with their suggestions and best approach for your success and benefits.

Your money is safe with them.

While they won't talk about money but they will want to know security of being paid as well.

So a payment in escrow is much better with them.

If you will always pay on time then some of them will like to deliver your project without even asking advance payment.

I'm one of the true freelancers and this is how I work with my clients.

So what type of [free]lancer did you face the most?

Let me your story here.

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