Here is How to Find the Reliable Freelancer

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     806     06/05/2018

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So, you are fed up of hiring lousy freelancers? 

They keep you busy and you can't really focus on your business?

You have to tell them everyday what to do and how to do something?

And then you also have to review what they did?

It made you frustrated about how to find a reliable freelancer?

You wish you could hire someone you can rely upon and sit relax while h/she does the job done.

Not just done but bring out of the box result with professional suggestions and care and not even letting you involve much?

Well, the matter of fact is that majority of freelancers don't care about you or your work. 

They care your "money".

And sadly more than 90% freelancers work in this way.

You should be careful when hiring such lousy workers.

How can you identify them?

It must be done before your hiring decision.

If you hire through online freelancing platforms like upwork/freelancer/guru etc then obviously it is tough.

I know because I originally started from and it was merged with so I work there now and many of my clients were disappointed by previous unresponsive freelancers.

You can easily observe the true one among the list of proposal senders.

1. No Sales Pitch:

Reliable freelancers will engage with you in discussion than throwing sale pitch and being greedy to win project.

2. Not So Cheap:

Reliable freelancers will not care to go cheap like typical bidders because they know the value of time and quality they deliver.

3. Go Above and Beyond:

Reliable freelancers will always go above and beyond your side to know your problems and they will ask important necessary questions in order to fully understand your need and desires.

4. Focus Your Project:

Reliable freelancers will focus on talking about your project and your requirements than praising themselves.

5. Active Everyday:

Reliable freelancers will be active everyday and they should because they are serious in freelancing business.

6. Response Promptly:

Reliable freelancers will response you promptly. They will stay side by side and won't let you down in frustration. You will find their reply within a day or in an hour in most cases.

7. Stay Online:

Reliable freelancers will care to stay online according to your time zone regardless of their time zone because it is about you, not about them.

8. Outstanding Results:

Reliable freelancers will deliver outstanding results. You won't need to ask them everyday what is done or not. They will take care most of the work themselves based on their professional experience, understanding and expertise.

9. Don't Focus on Money:

Reliable freelancers will less likely be asking you to release fund before they finish your project because they believe in their quality and work. However, they will require you to deposit fund in escrow as well.

10. On Time or Your Money is Back:

Reliable freelancers will give you on time work or return your money back because they are man of their words.

11. Don't Accept Every Project:

Reliable freelancers will NOT accept every incoming project no matter what. They care their clients and they don't waste time. Neither they cheat nor they lie. They will simply not accept your project if they are busy and suggest you to find someone or refer you to someone else.

Now, I have told you at least 11 best qualities of true reliable freelancers and I'm sure you must not have issue to find them. 

I told you these facts based on how do I work with people who contact me for their web development projects and I found them in frustration or in need of 100% satisfaction.

People forget about frustration once they work with me.

So the next time read carefully and observe proposals on online freelancing platforms or in cold-emails that you receive from so-called marketing and sales professionals.

If you see someone is truly focusing in solving your problems then it is a sign for you to step ahead further and go through my checklist again.

You can contact me if you are in a problem related to websites or web applications and I will definitely discuss with you if that problem falls under my experience and expertise and I can deliver you exceptional result with full satisfaction.

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