How Skills Exchange Networking Can Add Values to Your Life

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     659     05/25/2018

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I believe that if you are skilled at some thing and you're willing to teach your skill to a person who is skilled at something else that you want to learn, then I'm positive there should be someone else too who might have similar thoughts as yours.

It will be a healthy networking connection among two people who like to learn from each other.

The important question comes in mind that how can you value a skill? And, how can you make a deal with someone where both of you feel satisfied?

Swapping a skills shows your appreciation of the price of any other man or woman's unique skill where money doesn't matter at all.

I see it as empowring; both of you respect each other's strengths.

So, you value skills and knowledge instead of how you would deal in price according to hour, take this into consideration.

Professionally, I believe that skill swapping can be a very powerful way of making an investment time as opposed to cash to gain new skills.

This approach is to trade in knowledge in place of cash.

An extraordinary way of relating with each other, outside the money financial system.

It contributes to a exceptional form of society, primarily based on high-quality of interactions between people, not being selfish or greedy.

It may bring strong bond and putting value on every man or woman in a healthy network.

Everyone has some thing to offer.

I can offer to exchange training for computer, web development or online earning.

I would be interested with someone skilled at conversational English (bonus skills: copy-writing, creative writing, story telling).

If you are the one then I'll be glad to exchange skill with you, just contact me. We can decide about method of communication.

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