How to Find High Paying Clients on Freelancing Websites

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     342     05/16/2018

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Many people complain about bad clients on freelancing websites. This isn't really a true case. The secret lies in your way of work and how you spend your time on finding project of a high value client. So, it is just a case of how finding them out.

I found clients who paid me $50 to $100 per hour as well as clients who paid me about $600-$900 per week as well regardless of other clients who I worked for small tasks.

High paying clients care about one thing, solution to their problem that is "Result", period!

I rarely get bad clients from freelancing websites. High value clients went to work with me direct and pay on time as well. 

Forget about the tips from so-called freelancing gurus, ninjas, coaches, etc. There is no secret, sorry! It is all about a simple strategy that you must execute and stick to it. If you don't then keep wasting your time.

First of all, what you should NOT do.

  • Don't bid on low budget projects
  • Don't bid on a project that client has negative reviews.
  • Don't bid on a project where client didn't care to write any proper details of the work or just wrote a typical one-two line sentence.
  • Don't bid on a project if client has very low paying rate.
  • Don't work with a client who doesn't discuss the project's requirements properly before awarding to you.

So... what the hell should you do?

Remember that finding high paying clients is all about looking for quality, not bidding like a robot for quantity.

If you are an expert in your field then you should aim for high amount projects and apply for less projects but make each proposal as specific to the project as you can.

This isn't the super secret magic or everything but if you really want to earn money from freelancing websites then this is a simple way to get high paying quality clients.

What strategy worked for you to find high paying client?

You can share your story or experience in the comments below.

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