Bad Clients or Bad Freelancers - Whose Fault Is It?

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     594     04/30/2018

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For now, we are not interested in hiring the freelancers from China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bangladesh and African countries.... Sorry for this.

I do see such messages on projects posted on freelancing platforms.

Bad Freelancers

Will you freelancers from these countries stop being cheap shit to your clients to make them piss off with your crap?

Do you ever imagine how your false promises, fail deadlines, lack of communication, no updates, etc impact international clients about your country fellows?

Just to badly win a project, you make yourself down at the cheap price in bidding war and then when you cannot handle it with your crap expertise, you just throw it away, leaving a trail of hatred about your country.

Go work on your expertise, professionalism, communication and cheap values so that you can earn some real reputation on freelancing platforms.

Bad Clients

And, you the clients with this mentality... even you are also idiots who blame the whole country just because you hired "cheap lancers" and then got "fed up".

Why do you hire such crap lancers in first attempt? Just to save you huge dollars? And, what do you expect as a return? Spending penny to have a luxury development? 

Listen, you get what you pay for. If you cannot respect quality freelancers who are skilled and committed regardless of country, then you don't deserve our relation too.

It is Fault of Both Parties

It is only a fault of your own mentality, your way of work, your cheap values. Whether you are a freelancer with no value or a client who hire cheap lancers.

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