YouTube Rules to Kill Revenue for Small Creators

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     348     01/17/2018

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If you just started on YouTube or running a small channel then this is like a disaster. Previously, they needed 10,000 total views to be approved for monetization. Now, channels also need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past year.

Let me say that this is worst step again after 10,000 views. There are hundreds of channels 

And now no small channel can get a little bit of money to turn a hobby into something more.

that then uses that hit to become a real channel? not ever going to happen anymore. a lot of early YT people that went on to become bigger would not succeed with this new policy. but hey since when has YT actually cared or listened to users outside of a very small bubble?

it will be hard for new youtuber to hit 1k sub and 4k hours view, I need 1 years++ to reach 1k subscriber and 4k H+, but now easier to get 14k sub and 5m view++ in 1 month . youtube need remove 4k hours, youtuber will spam video with low content because 4k hours.

A notfication email came through stating that I'm no longer elligible, which promted and lead me to finding this article. Small channel, been part of the YPP since it opened up. It's not my main source of income, but my heart still sank...and it feels like a massive punch in the gut.

yyes that sucks with monetization only allowed on channels that offer pc content a lot of small channels will give up. YouTube will only be for cute cat videos. I started a scambaiter channel (foolishlyfoolishfool) but I dont think they would allow to monetize my videos.

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