Am I Too Old To Do Something? Yes, Read Why!

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     686     12/25/2017

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So are you too old to become a doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, or whatever you want to be?


You are too old for this.

It is not a game that you can pick anytime and leave whenever you want, it will push you hard to your knees and stick you there permanently.

Is this really you?

If you were meant to do it, wouldn’t you have done it already?

You should give it up, old man. Go find another job, sleep at night, visit holy places, enjoy with your wife till your life ends.

Brutal? Did it hurt?

Yes, it did.

Do you know why?

Because you listened to another person’s opinion about you.

Why would the opinion of another person matter to you?

Why would you even care for it?

Do they know your drive, or lack thereof?

Do they know you better than yourself?

Do they know what you are made of?

Do they know your attitude?

Majority of people do nothing with their lives yet they give their opinion on how should you live yours.

Because you allow them.

If you've decided to do something, ignore what someone else is telling you and just go ahead on what you want to do.

Remember that If you are not taking risks, it could be another risk that you've already taken.

Here are some extra two cents said by Natalia Postrigan

Do not compare yourself to others unless it helps you to become a better person.

If you look at 20-year old entrepreneurs, you will find the diversity there just as anywhere else. There would be talented inventors and young leaders making it on their own. There would also be young folks who for some silly reasons got money thrown at them with a shovel, who burn through millions of dollars and live scandalous lives that get great media coverage - because it’s juicy news.

If you keep comparing yourself to these stories, thinking, oh, they really have it going at 20 and I’ll never get there, your benchmarks are wrong. Nope, you can’t become a 20-year old some industry-bro when you are 40. Not gonna happen.

Can you become an inventor or successfully help a group of talented inventors bring a new product to the market? Well, why not, what would stop you? Your age only matters if you compare yourself with someone else. Don’t waste your time on that.

And, I'm just another person so don't listen to me though.

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