Top Reasons Why Freelancing Sites are Bad

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     328     12/20/2017

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You might wonder that why I'm telling reasons that freelancing sites are bad while I myself work through, right?

Listen, I do also have my recurrent clients and most of my time in freelancing went through long term clients, not with bidding wars.

Note: I'm not anyway there by choice at all. If I vWorker wasn't accquired by them, I will never be going to that platform at all because there is no actual reason for it as compare to what benefits I had on vWorker (the only best platform ever created for freelancers).

My solid profile was moved there so I had no way than to maintain it as long as it can remain there to get some work (extra freelancing)

Not to mention that I was also suspended once and had to struggle hard to get it back after 1-2 months which taught me a lesson too.

Before, I start highlighting important reasons remember that I'm not saying that you should not work on freelancing sites. You can start work and build your profiles wherever you are comfortable to work but keep in mind that it is not all your life. 

You must also work on other essential things which are necessary for your freelance career.

So, I will also give suggestions on what else to do (that you can do in extra time while freelancing on platforms)

No Control on Bidding War

There is no mechanism to stop and control bidding war. As soon as there is a project, you see buddings on fire. Most of bidders are copy/paste robots no matter what position do they have in their companies or being individual.

If you are a serious and honest freelancer with an eye for detail who push hard into details and go deep with client's communication to discover their problems and represent a solution and ideas then by the time you will be finished writing your own proposal, there will be so many bids done behind your knee.

Such bidders who I call "idiots", take less than a minute to copy/paste message, set price and submit proposal and they get on the list.

What Else To Do: d


No Access to Your Client

This is the most retarded thing ever done on freelancing websites. Back in the time with vWorker, a client was connected to seller (worker). We had access to client's contact and do our best to satisfy them over Skype, via Email or within the platform itself. It was all flexible enough.

Then, there started an idiotic move on freelancing sites to hide client's contact information and keep them stick to freelancing sites only.

Rules implemented that you (freelancer) cannot ask for email, Skype, etc but live within the platform -- keep your browser open most of time even while you sleep or off the pc/laptop (most stupid thing ever done)

How the hell you are suppose to reply customer quickly (if you are not on site)? You stay away and there you are OFFLINE. 

Worst case scenario, you placed bid, client is not online. You waited for several hours, and then you took a break. Now, here comes client online. He sent you a message -- DING! You are offline. Client chats with someone else online from bidders, project gone.

Account Suspend and Yo Are Dead

Eating Your Money

Giving More Value to Clients, NOT Freelancers

You Bear the Chargeback and Work, They Don't



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