Rat-Race of Blind Web Development

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     764     12/19/2017

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There was a time of HTML to XHTML to W3C Recommendation strict rules and testing -> It was making things complex than easier.

Then, here came HTML 5 broken their own rules to keep things simple and focus on building the front-end than wasting time in making inside complex.

Same thing is going on with so-called MVC, Design Patterns, Unnecessary Frameworks Wars, SPA (AngularJS, React, etc), Dependencies, OOP Fever and similar technologies -> they all have one thing common for sure, making things complex than easier, less focus on solving problem and more focus on making things harder.

Yet, the end-result with simple stuff of HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery with back-end PHP/MySQL, so what?

Let the browsers do their job, let the servers do their job. You are falling into more problems than solving real problems.

And, I don't really care as a freelancer where majority is running in this rat-race because I'm by choice a freelance developer who stands for his own rules for making life easier for website/business owners and focus on solving their problems by picking what he loves to do, not blind's follower of trending.

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