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How to Use External GPU with Laptop

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     916     05/04/2017

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eGPU Full Setup || Lenovo Y580 || Gigabyte G1 GTX 970 || EXP GDC Beast

GTX 1070 eGPU video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EevOGAf6mHI
eGPU Adapter (NGFF):http://adf.ly/1cz7Db
eGPU Adapter (EXPRESSCARD):http://adf.ly/1czb9T
eGPU Adapter (Mini PCIe):http://adf.ly/1czbBz
eGPU Adapter (MAC):http://adf.ly/1czbGS

eGPU VS Desktop Performance:
http://adf.ly/1ejGCV Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0
http://adf.ly/1ejGMP Batman Arkham Knight
http://adf.ly/1ejLsP Rise Of Tomb raider
http://adf.ly/1ejM4Q The Division


How to use internal LCD with eGPU:http://adf.ly/1czaIp

Solution for WIFI issue:http://adf.ly/1czaO5

search in this site to check if other guys already tried your laptop with eGPU or not:http://adf.ly/1czaVa

text file for list of laptops which has been tried with egpu successfully:http://adf.ly/1czazx

PC Games performance benchmark
Rise Of Tomb Raider Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2jwO
The Division Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2Xag
Dark Souls 3 Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2Xdo
Quantum Break Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2Xgz
Assassin Creed Syndicate Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2XkP
Fire Strike Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2Xmt
Mortal Combat X Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2Xpf
The Witcher 3 Benchmark:http://adf.ly/1d2Xtz