Windows 10 Create Folder Takes Long Time - Solution

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     18241     03/25/2017

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Problem: When creating a new folder, Windows 10 file explorer takes 5-15 seconds to create the name.  Or, same thing happens when deleting a folder or when deleting, a box comes up with a graph stating that it is 99% done and then you have to wait 5 seconds before it is actually deleted.

Solution 1:

1. Open Windows Explorer/File Explorer.
2. Click the 'View' tab.
3. Click 'Options' button at the far right hand side of the view ribbon.
4. On the 'General' Tab, un-tick the two privacy options, and click 'Clear'.
5. Apply/OK to exit.

The problem should have gone away by now, try creating a new folder and renaming it.

Solution 2:

If you notice that explorer is taking good 60+ seconds to create a new folder, then disconnecting your external hard drive may also solve the problem.

If you don't have any external hard drive connected, then check if you have any device connected via USB port. So, you should pull out the USB cable. Now, you can create a new folder with NO time lag.


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