Why Windows 10 Sucks and Why You Should Not Upgrade or Upgrade

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     775     03/15/2017

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I've always been a big fan of Windows because Microsoft cares about ease of use vs. several other companies lacks on this area.

However, if you are a happy user with Windows 7/8, then you should think carefully before switching to Windows 10.

Here are both, negative and positive sides of using Windows 10.

Bad Side: Why Windows 10 Sucks or Everything Wrong with Microsoft Windows

Good Side: 10 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 10

My Experience:

In my experience (although, I used to dislike Windows 10), I liked Windows 10 and I've disabled its reporting and usage report features etc which scare most users.

So, you should disable following 10 windows spying settings/features to protect your privacy and use windows 10 safely.



I'm noticing that Windows 10 had been forced to use and you can't buy a modern laptop without Windows 10.

You can no longer control if you want to update window or not, they've taken away this from people.

You will get a random notification anytime that you MUST upgrade your system.

How do I see it?

I see it as making people prisoners.

You don't know what's happening behind the scene with your system.

Simple is that.

I think it was much better before when you could use Windows 7 your way, upgrade or not - your control.

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