Samsung Gear VR Overheating Issue (Solutions)

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     694     03/11/2017

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If you've tried Samsung Gear VR, and a warning came that your phone is overheating then don't ignore it as you will start to lag really bad and it will be annoying. This is an easy issue to fix.

Here are some tips:

  • Put your phone on airplane mode, turn on wifi (when you are at home) - remember that 4G eats your ram and makes your GPU work harder.
  • Turn off Bluetooth (don't turn off if you need to use bluetooth Joypad)
  • Put in headphones (It doesn't have a drastic effect but it helps)
  • Eliminate any background running programs. (the more background running programs you have, the harder your graphic card has to work and become hotter).
  • Turn on Fan/AC (whatever setup you have -- the more cool environment around, the better it will be)

With above steps, you should be able to play VR for more than an hour without overheating notification.

Note: I've been using Gear VR for several months (with bluetooth ON, wifi ON, headphones, and prevent background programs) and I don't have any overheating issue while I can play VR for hours.


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