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Author: Zeeshan Arshad     2387     09/30/2016

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A company in Pakistan that delivers your products from Amazon to your doorstep. I personally used their services and bought a product to see how effective their services are. I only had to deposit amount in their bank and I received my product in about 2 weeks.

One of the best thing about is that, you can see total amount that you will have to pay including taxes without any hidden charges.

And, you will pay original price of the product that you see on Amazon (converted into PKR as per current currency value) + included tax price.

So, you only need to proceed to order if you are comfortable with price+tax. 


The company where you can shop USA online stores and ship in the Pakistan. You can take advantage of free membership.


If you are one of the people who is wondering how to buy imported products in Pakistan and how to order from Amazon & eBay then you are at right place. We offer the amazon shipping to Pakistan where you can choose to have any kind of imported products from Amazon and eBay delivered to your doorsteps easily. Our Amazon Pakistan shipping allows the customer to get their desired products shipped without the need to have a credit card.

Our services are aimed towards those customers who can’t find a way to buy their desired products from international retailing websites like Amazon and eBay. We allow our customers to get their desired products of any kind delivered at your doorsteps.

Author Note: I requested quotes for two laptops from amazon (to check their charges) and their cost was very high. For an acer laptop that costs around $1738 (approx. $1 * 104.83 = Rs.182185), they quoted me Rs.298525 (till my doorstep including product price) that is difference of Rs.116340 and for an asus rog laptop that costs around $1645 (approx. $1 * 104.83 = Rs.172437), they quoted me Rs.282585 (till my doorstep including product price) that is difference of Rs.110148. I consider it unrealistic quote because there are online shops in Pakistan that are selling similar laptops in less than what PKShip quoted me.

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