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I was with Payoneer for more than 8 years and linked with many marketplaces. I was using their service with direct clients too but It was a disaster and shock to me that I got suspended in 2016 while I was not involved in anything against their terms & conditions at all.
Payoneer: "Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons." 
This post is not in favor of fraud people involved in illegal activities
To be honest here, I would not be going to make this post and struggle for justice IF i were doing any illegal money activity and involve in fraud but since I've been a honest worker all the time so I have rights to raise my voice.

Is Payoneer Good?

In a single fair sentence, Payoneer is an excellent service when you are working through their partners but it has worst support team that should be replaced, period.

Stay Away from "Send a Payment Request"

For the creative and fast working freelancers, there is just one lesson, do NOT completely rely on Payoneer for their "Send a Payment Request" (which they introduced to be paid by direct clients).
You can be ditched anytime for "undisclosed reasons". The same, it happened to me. First, they removed payment service, and then "disabled my account" saying they cannot "disclose" the issue.
Fair words; they did allow me five days to take out any remaining funds from the account. However, it ruined my work with all marketplaces who support Payoneer for the payout.
Payoneer offer their service with following statement (written on their website): 
But...Payoneer's above statement practically proved to be wrong!
Payoneer's team can disable your account for using above service anytime if you are really creative developer getting lots of income as a freelance developer using their Payment Request service for invoicing from your clients.
So, do NOT keep all your fund in Payoneer's account and to lose anytime

The Support Team's Behavior

To me, the behavior and response of Payoneer's support team is totally non-customer oriented and closing an old customer's proper verified and long term time account for just an undisclosed reasons was a pathetic action.
Why professionals should work with Payoneer if they don't even have a support team of "professionals" to listen your problem?
To the professional freelancers, I will only say that Payoneer is NOT for "working with direct clients for serious business projects".
So don't rely upon them for earning through "Send a Payment Service", if you are a hard working and fast earning professional you may definitely get a account suspend on it just like me. 

What Public Says Payoneer? 

  1. Google "payoneer undisclosed reasons" and see their support team activity and behavior on this issue.

  2. See public reviews on SiteJabber:

  3. See public reviews on TrustPilot: 

  4. See public reviews on PissedConsumer: 


You can seamlessly work with Payoneer through their partners like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc but don't just rely upon Payoneer for your direct clients. 

Updates on My Case:

Update: Nov 24, 2017

Pathetic action by Payoneer's team again. I posted a question on Payoneer's official facebook page on October 23, 2017 in public.

Their support person asked me politely to send them direct message. I send them a document to forward to the director Mr. Nissim. 

After it, I had to wait about 3 weeks. In a sudden, the Payoneer's team blocked/ban me on their facebook page dated November 19, 2017 so that I should not post any comment in public, send them a message and raise my voice.

That is how they deal with a trusted and professional freelancer behind the scene and this is their real face.

Note: Payoneer's director of global growth Mr. Nissim is in my Skype's contact list. I had sent him several emails on his personal email address as well as approached him via Linkedin too but...

However, I have no response until now. I have also left a direct message to him about this page and the case. If there will be any positive step or progress and he resolves my issue then I will update this page.

Update: Nov 25, 2017

I've now tried to approach other directors of Payoneer as well as CEO "Scott Galit". I have also raised my voice on LinkedIn in open posts by tagging directors. I won't be stopping until they justify unfair action of thier team and system.

Update: Nov 26, 2017

Today, I got a response on LinkedIn by director Mr. Nissim regarding my case. He's going to deal it with Payoneer's team. I hope to see a positive result so let see.

Update: Dec 5, 2017

Brilliant! My account has been restored and activated again.I can now work again with all their supported partners and marketplaces.

Worth mentioning that they did not enable my global payment service / US payment service (which I specifically talked about in my above written post) which I'm not sure why.

Perhaps, they have doubt on me :) Anyway, it is sufficient enough to me that I can resume work on marketplaces at least.

With Special Greatest Thanks to:

My God Allah (creator of universe) who gave me ideas on how to get this case resolved and HE was the one who changed the heart of people in my favor.

And, Further Thanks to:

Mr. Nissim Alkobi (Sr. Director of Global Growth at Payoneer) and Mr. Miguel Warren (Regional Head, South East Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka at Payoneer) who involved in solving my case.

CASE RESOLVED! (Dated: December 5, 2017)

PS: I'm still banned/blocked on Payoneer's facebook official page :P

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