Here Is Your Shortcut Knowledge to VR Headsets/Games/Experiences

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1426     03/17/2016

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A real virtual reality experience can’t be explained. You have to feel it, do it and live it! 

Devices for VR Experience:

How Does it Feel?

Here is a mind blowing experience - Introducing the Games Coming to Oculus.

And, here is how it feels with HTC Vive


Gloves Controller for VR Experience:

Oculus Touch: Cast spells and unleash magic from your fingertips. Open doors, pick locks, and pull triggers like you’re really there. Give your friend a “thumbs up” in VR. This is the power of hand presence with Touch.

Manus Gloves: Experience your hands in the virtual world.


VR Games Trailers:

Check out the trailer from 22 Best VR Games here:


Let's Experience the Real World in VR Horror 

I played Organ Quarter and recorded the highlights. What did I discover in first time experience? See for yourself.


Which One Should You Buy?

I wanted to buy Oculus Rift for myself but after knowing some true facts, I decided to go for HTC Vive because it clearly has advantage over Oculus.

First Best: HTC Vive review: This is VR the way we always imagined it

Second Best: Oculus Rift review: Polished, often magical ... but ultimately second best

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