Copy Android SD Card Data to New SD Card without Losing Your Data

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     378     11/09/2015

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1. Plug your Android phone with PC

2. Show "All Hidden Files"

3. Copy al files from SD Card to Computer in a folder like "SD Card"

4. Remove your SD Card from Mobile and Insert New SD Card in Mobile

5. Format and Erase It

6. Plugin your Android phone with PC (again)

7. Copy all files from "SD Card" folder data into your Android mobile's SD card

Note: Just replace ALL the files if asked during copy/moving.

When it's done, you will have all your data in the new card without losing anything.

Important: I had to spent several hours for this purpose and realized the my new memory card was at fault. So if after copying data you don't see all your preserved data or something is lost like no photo or video in whatsapp or some games are not playing then most probably your new SD Card is crap, bad or local copy. Buy a new quality memory card :)

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