Article Writers Should Provide Examples of What They Are Writing About

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     365     02/14/2015

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It is really irritating that many articles writer or blogging poexperts tell us what to do and how to do but not sharing the real "examples" and then even after reading their articles, advice or watching videos, did you ever notice that YOU again have to "think about the solution"? Why this is?

It is because

If I don't have an example of what is being taught then it is again pushing burden on my shoulder.

If they tell us us how to do something why don't you share the "examples" for the ideas and inspiration?

For example; if you are telling about "how to write a Manifesto" and letting me read your article, why don't you share some "Manifesto examples" that I can read and have a better understanding by examples?


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