Is W3Schools Good for Learning Web Development?

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     2044     05/09/2015

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Note: This post has been written as an answer in response to a question on

The question was:

"Why is it that some web programmers and designers do not recommend W3Schools to use as a reference manual?"

Benjamin answered:

    • They use too many "script" tags
    • They tell you to use inline styling
    • Their float-clearing methods are outdated
    • They layout pages with tables
    • Their embedded code is horrific
    • They believe that CSS3 is part of HTML5
    • Their website is not mobile-friendly

My response is: What about other side of this angle?

Some web programmers and designers including me recommend W3Schools to use because they made it simple, easy to use with lots of examples on various topics.

For beginners, it is best to quickly understand basic, watch working examples, play around with them and grasp the idea of how it works.

Writing complex, non-understanding articles and theories are useless if they make no sense for a beginner. Even I mostly go W3Schools for reference when I need to see quick example of something I need in emergency.

    • They provide clean interface
    • They provide working examples of a language
    • They provide collection of references
    • They cover many languages with easy tutorials
    • They provide real-time playground in browser

Beside it, when I need to know basic and quick examples of a language, I only remember one site: w3schools (why not others? -- none stand to make them easy or if exist, not free like w3schools)

So keep en eye on the good side without hating based on some hared recommendations. It exists for more than 14 years and I've been using them and recommend them.

Conclusion: If you are a beginner and want to learn a language which you don't really know, go compare w3schools tutorials and examples with other sites and you will practically see the difference between ease of use and learning. If you are experienced with many languages and need a quick example of a code in a language, you will find how easy it is to get it on w3schools.

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