Want to be a Master in your field/art?

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     436     10/22/2010

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The rule is simple:


If you want to be a Master -- you have to have the knowledge!




This is an indisputable truth.


Everybody knows this.


You want to get smart,


you want to understand things,


you want to know how the world works,


you look in books.




Where does he get that knowledge?


By studying as many different arts as he can find.


Not by studying only one art.


But by studying as many different arts as he can find.


take a look at any real master and this will become obvious.


But I must point out one thing, if the information in a book is false or knowledge of a Master is wrong, your knowledge from that source is useless and waste of time!

So before choosing a book or Master, use your intelligence and pick the correct one.

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