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Author: Zeeshan Arshad     989     11/26/2013

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I wanted to download some free templates for After Effects. I reached to and I noticed their 7 Days of Free Downloads offer.


When I clicked it they asked me to create an account. It was fine as I was given a chance for free 7 days to check this out. I registered the account.


Now after registration (note that they have taken my email and may use for whatever purpose) they are now enforcing me to enter my credit card information.


Conclusion: If they are claiming to offer something for FREE it must be free at all OR at least they should mention before taking personal information that they will also ask credit card information. I simply hated their method and had to stop myself on credit card page. If they lied in start by free word, I cannot trust them any more.

Update (November 30, 2013): My guess was correct. They started to email me their offers. I unsubscribed from their newsletter but I again received marketing offers another day.

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