How to Disable Laptop Keyboard

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1579     08/29/2013

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I hope it will solve out your problem and several hours to Google and find its solution :) 

Laptop's keyboard was almost broken due to my child. Some keys were faulty and it was difficult to use it as some of the keys were automatically holding down. I could not find any software to disable internal laptop keyboard. There are some solutions like removing physical wire but it's inappropriate for a normal user.

Back to the point, I spent few hours to find its solution but no way out. So If you want to disable laptop keyboard, there is a way by "installing an incompatible driver". 

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager

2. Expand Keyboard and right-click on your keyboard (in most cases "Standard PS/2 Keyboard") then choose -> Properties

3. Click on DRIVER tab, then click "Update Driver" button

* Don't search automatically. Use manual methods to choose an incompatible driver

4. Uncheck the "show/find compatible driver" option

5. Select "HID Keyboard Device" from the list you see

6. Now press Next/OK then restart your laptop, that's it!

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