Dreamweaver Slows/Delays When Typing or Scrolling

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     2586     07/16/2013

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Problem: Dreamweaver Slows/Delays while you are Typing or Scrolling:

I use dreamweaver for its front-end which helps me as a developer to do quick front-end changes while I'm writing back-end coding. However, one feature of dreamweaver that was irritating me  is its "slowing down" when I'm typing or scrolling.

I tried several times to find out its solution but I still found nothing about it. I experienced sometimes no slow/delay but had no idea on it. I was feeling happy now it's working fine, so far good. Now I seriously went into this issue to find out reasons behind slowing down. Look at this image:


If you are working in code view, try scrolling up/down from start of page till BEFOREline. You will not see delay in scrolling. But as soon as you will get inside throughthe delay will start when moving your cursor.

Solution (Code View): Just press ANY keyboard character ONCE whenever you are inside Code View and you will notice that delay has been disappeared even when you are insidearea.

Reason: I think that the feature Tag Selector is causing this delay because whenever I even typed any single character or spacebar, the Properties panel shows this. Look at this image.


However, properties panel is not the reason. I tried disabling it. In above photo, you will note that Tag Selector has been disappeared. So if you are scrolling down OR typing, you won't see that issue.

Note: This is a temporary solution that I'm sharing with you because I didn't see any official solution from adobe yet.  Unfortunately, Tag Selector enables again whenever you minimize dreamweaver so all you have to do is type ONCE any character again when you return to dreamweaver.

Solution (Split/Design View): I will update this section once I figure out the way disabling tag selector OR we get solution from adobe. I didn't find help on this yet so bear the delay in design mode :)

UPDATE (May 24, 2014):

I discovered today that Dreamweaver slows down when there is a large CSS file linked to it. I mostly use Bootstrap 3 for development, and when I removed the CSS from html file, the lag (halt/delay/whatever) suddenly disappeared and I could worked like a charm.

Do you know any other reason or solution about this?

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