Converting HTML to PDF or Word On The Fly

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1949     02/19/2013

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If you ever needed to quickly convert a text document into a different format, you might have stumbled upon this open source tool that can save you lots of headaches and time. With Docverter, you can convert text documents into advanced formats with simple REST API calls. Essentially, it's a document conversion server with an HTTP interface.


Docverter lets you get going immediately without having to set up your own document conversion tools. Docverter wraps several open source projects to make your documents come out perfect every time.


Docverter supports the following input formats:

    • Markdown


    • Textile


    • reStructured Text


    • HTML


    • Docbook


    • LaTeX

And can convert to these output formats:

    • PDF


    • HTML


    • Microsoft Docx


    • OpenOffice ODT


    • OpenDocument XML


    • EPUB (for iBooks)


    • MOBI (for Kindle)


    • DocBook


    • TexInfo


    • Groff


    • LaTeX/ConTeXt


    • Markdown


    • reStructured Text


    • AsciiDoc


    • MediaWiki


    • Emacs Org-Mode


    • Textile


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