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Author: Zeeshan Arshad     413     02/12/2013

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Thanks to GOD!!

Finally, Today as of January 12, 2013, I'm launching this website which is combination of my own custom theme based on WordPress and integration of Twitter Bootstrap Framework.

This was tough for me and I spent almost 3-4 days without having proper rest. Why? I personally hate to learn countless systems made by hundred of developers. I like to do custom web development and I love to have freedom and do it as I want.

On several moments I was like I cannot do it. I was a total newbie with custom wordpress. I never did a custom theme for it. If you are a newbie as well, just don't give up. It takes time but the fact is the more complex tasks you do the more expert you become.

When I was working on this site, I was stuck between choosing custom CMS, WordPress or Drupal. I spent time with each but finally I picked WordPress to go due to ease of use as compared to Drupal.

I learnt lots of technical things and many times I was disappointed due to lack of knowledge in WordPress so I was unable to do things. I studied tips, played several hours with themes, admin panel, widgets etc and tried some frameworks too (e.g. Genesis, Mantra).

From beginning to middle, WordPress was a huge tunnel for me, and now I'm smiling at myself, how easy it is after knowing the functions and to-dos.

I may post later on with my practical experience about what tricks, tips and addons I used that will surely help others who are new to setup a custom WordPress site.

Are you also encountering difficulty to create setup a custom WordPress website and setting things together? What's your experience? :)

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