Zeeshan Arshad - Researcher


A neutral Muslim researcher on existence of God through nature.

God of Nature

2020: On this website, newborn babies, birds, animals and beasts have been collected through Google and YouTube who are bearing witness with their mouths the name of their Creator by His command and the Creator also demonstrated His name ALLAH (Arabic: اللہ) over nature's creatures and this data was shared and uploaded by general public from all over the world.

Rightful Religion

2009: This website represents observable, unbiased and invincible evidence of the true religion and creator of the universe after many years of research which has proved practically that there is no true god but ALLAH (Arabic: اللہ) and all non-Muslims were worshipping artificial gods. Practical proofs on this website will be very useful and helpful to those who are wandering in search of the true God and are fed up with the religious books of religious leaders and their followers.