Zeeshan Arshad - Top Full Stack Web Developer Pakistan


25 years of experience with gaming industry including consoles, pc, mobile and virtual reality games.

VR Games Beta Testing

2018: Helped several companies and individuals for their VR games with beta testing and following are some examples.

MOBA Games

Heroes Evolved

2018: Electrum-Ranked player of heroes evolved.

World of Warcraft

~ Fdrogue of the Alliance

2012: He played World of Warcraft for many years being the most dangerous battleground rogue aka "Fdrogue" on "Eternal-Wow"private server.

Fdrogue of the Alliance

Following are two blogs for World of Warcraft beginners.

DotA 2

2009: Founder of the Dota Clan [FD] the winner at 1st position in "Inspire Gravity Gaming Amateur DotA Tournament" against Lords 2-0 in Finals.