All Non-Muslims Cannot Demonstrate Such Miracle

By Zeeshan Arshad | 05/21/2023

In this Video, Legend goes beyond materialistic science and directly doing an attempt for testing existence of all gods except Allah through clouds as a spiritual experiment and the result was totally unexpected, so watch the full video and use your common sense to find out what exactly happened during this spiritual experiment until it will be revealed and explained by the Legend in future by the mercy of Allah.

If you have not noticed, then look at above the tree where name of Allah in Arabic (اللہ) naturally appeared, and it also looks alike tree thus matching name of Allah that was physically and naturally written through tree on earth as well.

If all the non-Muslims of the world get together, they cannot demonstrate such a miracle with the help of all their false gods that their false gods create a physical tree with their name on earth and also write their name over it through the clouds in real-time in front of mobile camera recording.

Indeed, it is clear sign from the Lord of all the worlds.

So all non-Muslims should enter in Islam and save themselves from going into punishment of hellfire forever.