Refuted Prophet Muhammad is The Founder of Islam

By Zeeshan Arshad | 05/21/2023

According to Wikipedia, Muhammad (Arabic: محمد) is the founder of Islam and it is also an accepted belief by most non-Muslims of the world that Muhammad is the founder of Islam.

However, the claim that non-Muslims have written against the last Prophet Muhammadﷺ is absolutely junk and false based on their lack of knowledge from the reality which I am going to refute and defeat forever in this article by the mercy of Allah the Greatest Holy Mighty King of the Universe.

Before I go into details, let me ask you, will you believe an illiterate person who never went to any medical science college to perform medical operation on your patient in ICU?

If you are someone who can use his common sense you will NEVER allow that person to do it because you will surely know using your basic common sense that such person is an illiterate and dumb enough who will do more harm practically rather doing any benefit.

If you understand this fact, then it is not hard to understand that all the non-Musilms of the world are illiterate people who have no true knowledge about the character of last Prophet Muhammadﷺ otherwise they would all have become Muslims.

Thus, any fabrication and lies from them regarding true personality of Prophet Muhammadﷺ will NEVER be accepted by anyone who can use his basic human common sense.

Only Muslims with true knowledge are ethically reliable to tell the truth rather illiterate people of the world.

As per witnesses of natural creatures for showing the name of Muhammad in Arabic (محمد) it is clear that someone behind the scenes is performing and demonstrating these signs because the name of any other human did not naturally appear on natural creatures on planet earth ever before the 21st century.

Now, tell me who is writing and showing name of Muhammad (Arabic: محمد) through the nature?

If you think and say that he is doing it himself then you are absolutely wrong because he is not physically alive anymore in this physical world while the name of Allah in Arabic (اللہ) has been also naturally appearing through nature in all over the world.

Further, it is a proven ground fact and reality which require no peer review or third party that newborn babies are born Muslim and naturally know the name of Allah and they speak name of Allah from their mouth.

According to Quran 3.6, 16.78 and 36.77, Allah creates babies in womb and provide them ears, eyes, heart etc then bring them out from womb of their mothers into this physical world.

This was also told by Prophet Muhammadﷺ therefore it is not possible for Muhammadﷺ to start Islam by himself because babies are being coming out from womb of women since the time of first human "Adam" and his wife "Hawwa".

So now it is clear that every child is born Muslim thus Islam belongs to Allah who originated Adam from clay and then transformed him into a living human being who then generated his children through sexual procedure set by Allah.

Now, I have refuted this commonly accepted belief among non-Muslims (or perhaps many Muslims too who have been brain washed due to mass propaganda against Prophet Muhammadﷺ by his enemies) that Muhammadﷺ is founder of Islam.


Muhammadﷺ is the Final Prophet of Allah through whom Allah completed Islam forever.

Islam was the only religion of all the earlier prophets who came before him, including Masih Esah the Son of Maryam, also known as fake god named "Jesus" among false religion Christianity.