Prophet Muhammadﷺ

By Zeeshan Arshad | 03/18/2023

Prophet Muhammad saved widows, orphans, poor, oppressed and helpless people from oppression.

Non-Muslims used to bury their newborn girl babies alive in graves, Prophet Muhammad stopped them from their evil act.

Non-Muslims used to worship false gods and their idols naked in Kaaba, Prophet Muhammad eradicated this evil worship and bad activities from the Kaaba.

Non-Muslims used to worship stones/idols/sun/moon/penis/insects/animals/birds etc., Prophet Muhammad introduced them to the true God of the Universe.

That is why in the seventh century, not only the people of the society but also many of his own relatives became his enemies and denied his prophethood because they could not leave their bad habits and surrender their ego against an orphan of the society who was chosen to be the last and final messenger of God.

The people of the society used to call him as Sadiq (truthful) and Ameen (faithful) and put their trust in him, but when Prophet Muhammad started the work of pure Islam and raised the banner of the oneness of God, he was strongly opposed by relatives, neighborhood and the people of the society.

He was mocked.
He was criticized.

His daughters were divorced and social boycott was done by ending business dealings with him.

Non-Muslims did all this with the truthful man of their society who tried to stop the cruel, oppressive and bloodthirsty people of the society from doing bad things.

He used to help oppressed widows.
He used to help oppressed orphans.
He used to help oppressed slaves.
He used to help oppressed women.
He used to help small children.

He took care of animals.
He took care of birds.
He took care of insects.
He took care of trees.

He tried to establish peace and harmony in a society full of usury, bribery and murder.

He was a true and honest person whose highest calibar character and morals were testified and witnessed by the non-Muslims of that time, but they were not ready to accept only one thing that "Muhammad is the Messenger of God" even though non-Muslims used to see miracles with their eyes.

They even saw the moon breaking into pieces and joining back, but their hearts and minds were occupied by Satan, so the enmity against Prophet Muhammad blinded them due to their own ego and stubbornness.

Now the result is that they are all burning in the fire of hell today because they all died without revert back to Islam.

Severe whipping is being done on them. They are fed with pus. They are given blood to drink. They are fed with forks to eat through their mouths.

All this because God gave them many opportunities, but they continued their obstinacy and remained enemies of the Messenger of God.

Even today, God writes the name of His last prophet "Muhammad" in Arabic "محمد" through clouds, on the bodies of birds, on the bodies of animals, on the bodies of fishes, on the branches of trees, on and inside fruits, on and inside vegetables, on plants, through twigs or on leaves, through lightning strikes, etc and also writes His own name "Allah" in Arabic "اللہ" for those who use their common sense so that they can see open miracles and surely know with conviction without going into books of any religion or history that...

There is no God except Allah (اللہ)
Muhammadﷺ is the true and final Prophet of Allah