Who Wrote the Quran?

By Zeeshan Arshad | 02/27/2020

Let me rephrase it first — who authored the Quran?

No one.

Quran was compiled in a book form.

So there is no author who wrote the Quran.

Quran is words of Allah the creator of universe.

His words are in Arabic language.

His Arabic language is different from traditional Arabic.

Traditional Arabic isn’t perfect but Arabic of Quran is 100% perfect.

So imperfect Arabic people cannot write Quran of perfect Arabic.

Therefore, Quran is a living proof as book that it wasn’t written by any human.

But it was just compiled by human beings because verses of Quran were revealed to human beings through prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Who had no teacher / mentor.

So it’s impossible that even He could write Quran.

Thus, it’s completely eliminated that anyone wrote the Quran if even prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t write the Quran.


You may laugh and think oh there’s a lot of circular logic and you can say the same thing about some texts written in your religious book.

Well so I'll say that success isn’t a straight horizontal path. There are several circular directions you go through until you reach to the destination.

Anyone can say anything about any book with any logic, but as a practical → if all religious books are drowned in the sea → only the Quran will be returned again in a book form because there are thousands of Muslim kids who’ve memorized it 100% in their heart while there is no kid so far in any other religion who could memorize his religious book 100% → this itself is an indication on something for a wise person with open mind and heart.

I leave you a question, why only the Quran is 100% memorizeable by kids and no other religious book?

And here is the answer → because Quran is not words of human being.

Practical? —?

I didn’t find any single kid in any other religion except Islam who could memorize religious book 100%.

This is pure practical result in this world to be cared about and open your eyes.