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Virtual Reality Ideas Collection | VR Ideas

Web Project Ideas

Email Cleanup Script

Post Status on Twitter and Facebook

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Object-Oriented Programming vs Procedural Programming

VR LAPTOP vs DESKTOP | Benefits, Usage Examples, Suggestions

VR Headsets Comparison Chart

Easily Decide About SSD vs HDD vs SSHD

PS4 vs PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro -- Decision for Playstation VR

nVIDIA GS vs GT vs GTS vs GTX - Quick Comparison

MyISAM vs InnoDB - Differences, Comparison, Explanations

Procedural PHP vs OOP PHP with Class and Framework - Easy and Best Explanation

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Curated Notes

Never Give Up Because Fail Is the Key on Your Success

Should You Hire... Your Friends?

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Best Resources

Best Free Podcast Hosting Website with No Limit

How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Secrets of Branding

Job Hunting Secrets: Land 6+ Interviews A Week WITHOUT a Resume!

How to Use Smart Phone as Scanner

Send Top Secret Notes Over the Internet

How to Translate Your Website in Multi-Language in 3 Easy Steps

Sublime Packages for Quick WordPress Development

How To Add Paging, Sorting, Filtering, Searching in Seconds

Seamless Music for Your Website

Converting HTML to PDF or Word On The Fly

Bootstrap Interface Builder

Online Javascript Compression Tool

HTML snippets for Bootstrap

CodeMirror : In-browser code editing made simple

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Pakistan Only

Freelance Income Tax Pakistan

What is total fee for a wire transfer from Freelancer.com to a bank in Pakistan?

VR Ready Laptops in Pakistan with Price and Links to Buy

Buy HTC Vive in Pakistan

Laptop with International and Local Warranty Difference in Pakistan

Bank Timings in Pakistan

Buy From Amazon in Pakistan

Mobile Codes List of Cellular Companies in Pakistan

Guide for Buying Budget Gaming PC for Pakistani Gamers

How to Get International Payment within Some Hours in Pakistan's Bank

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How-to Solutions

How to Cancel Membership from Freelancer.com

Database Problems & Solutions

MySQL Search Replace

Change Wamp MySQL root Password

MySQL: Set Auto Increment Start Value for Mysql Table

How to Increase Import Filesize Limit in PHPMyAdmin

Coding Problems & Solutions

PHPMyAdmin INNER JOIN Not Showing Result

Solution PHP Doesn't Show Double Quote in Input Text Field

Solution: Axios Post Form Data in VueJS

ReCAPTCHA wrapper is disabled in the server configuration

Custom Green/Red Checkbox Status (HTML/CSS/JQuery/PHP)

TinyMCE Disable Right-click Context Menu

PayPal: Please add a credit card to complete your purchase

Magento 1.9.1 Cron Job Not Working

Convert HTML TEXTAREA into WYSIWYG in a Minute

.htaccess Force Files to Download (Not Open in Browser)

PHP Negative Value to Positive Value

HTML Button With Line Breaks

How to Prevent Bootstrap Modal from Disappearing when Clicking Outside or Pressing Escape

How to Get Firefox HTML 5 Date input and/or IE 10

WordPress template_url Issue with child theme URL

PayPal IPN Verified Not Working

PHP Practical Solutions: File System

How to Generate Random Password in PHP

[Solved] Vertical Alignment Issue of Facebook and Twitter Buttons

How to Add Facebook Comment on Website

How to Add Google Search Engine for Website

Solution: in_array ip address explode not working

PHP/MySQL: How to Create Two Dimensional Arrays from Database Record

Solution: Bootstrap Modal Window Quickly Disappearing

Removing Black Borders From JWPlayer Video

Function CONCAT does not exist

PHP: Convert Comma Separated String into Array or Array into String

PHP print_r showing 1 after Array Result

Secure Your Wordpress Admin Area

How to write JSON Object with space in name

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter

How to Enable Line Break in WordPress

//Added by WP-Cache Manager

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

Alertpay invalid billing address

MySQL server has gone away (MySQL Server)

Reset dreamweaver color scheme

TinyMCE Wysiwyg and Simple Textarea on same page

Warning: Illegal offset type (PHP Array)

MySQL server has gone away (PHP)

OnChange Event and Date Pickers

PHP Database Page Error

PHP MySQL 0000000001

Clicking Popup link, webpage goes back to top

Zend Optimizer not installed

Freelancing Problems & Solutions

How to Link Payoneer with Pakistan Banks (Quick Guide)

How to Add Extra Gigs to Your Newly Created Gig on Fiverr.com

Software Problems & Solutions

How to Make Excel First Row No Number

InPage 3 Professional is not allowed to run on Win

Windows 10 Create Folder Takes Long Time - Solution

How to Switch Intel HD to Nvidia on a Laptop

[Solved] Not connected - no connections are available

Computer Keyboard Keys Signs and Explanations

[Solved] WPD Filesystem Volume Driver

Cannot Edit hosts File in Windows

Failed to Play Test Tone

How to Use Arabic FDF2 ï·² in MS-Word

[Solved] Internet is connected, only skype works

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard

Dreamweaver Slows/Delays When Typing or Scrolling

How to Get Rid of Hotspot Shield

Chrome URL History is not showing

Batch watermark in Fireworks

Yahoo Messenger Chat Messages are not showing

Windows XP Geniune Notification

Cannot enable shared access. Error 0x80004005

Unable to Uninstall AVG

Internet Problems and Solutions

How Many Times You Can Change Your Google/YouTube Name

Chrome YouTube Cast_sender.js (www-embed-player.js)

Facebook Common Problems and their Solutions

Youtube IFRAME Event Listener - Custom Box

How to Backup Your Facebook Data (with Photos)

How To Download Facebook Videos

Mobile Problems & Solutions

Solution - iPhone Frozen Screen / iPhone Touch Not Working

Samsung Gear VR Overheating Issue (Solutions)

Solution for Galaxy S7 Freezed / Unresponsive

Copy Android SD Card Data to New SD Card without Losing Your Data

Solution iPhone Stuck on Download or Install

Turned off by administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage.

Solution of Package File has a Bad Manifest

Solution: Nokia Security Code to Delete All Sim Contacts

Solution: Cannot delete iPhone purchase history

Solution: Cannot delete or hide apps in itune

Gaming Problems & Solutions

DOTA 2 Blur Text on Lower Resolution [Solution]

Reason of WOW Servers Realm List Incompatible

How to Download Payday VR Beta for HTC Vive in 1 Minute

How to Record Dota 2 Gameplay with OBS Studio in 2 Minutes

How to Activate Steam Key

How to Use External GPU with Laptop

Play Dota2 Custom Games Locally or Offline

Hardware Problems & Solutions

Bios Options Disabled or Bios Options Grayed Out or Cannot Enable Disable Secure Boot

Can't Remove Builtin Battery of Laptop and Screen Won't Turn On

VR Problems & Solutions

How to Play Oculus Games on Vive

How to Use 360 Videos in Gear VR

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Android Learning Resources Collection

Collection of Web Development Projects for Students and Beginners

Upgrade from JQuery to Vue Tutorial Collection

Ultimate Collection of Freelance Websites List to Find Work

Earn by Giving Advice Websites Collection

Ultimate List of 97+ Best VR Horror Games

List of 4 Player Offline Multiplayer Games XBox 360

Best Call Recording Apps for Android Smartphones

List of Gyro Supported Smartphones for Virtual Reality

Links Collection of Udemy Free Coupons and Discount Coupons

Mega Collection of Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Library Collection

Free Premium WordPress and Bootstrap Themes Collection

Ultimate Collection of Free Programming Books

Collection of VR Development Resources

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Here is Why Quora Sucks for Truthful Answer Writers

Personal Development

How To Overcome Anything When The World Is Against You

Here is How to Force Yourself for Constant Progress

How Skills Exchange Networking Can Add Values to Your Life

Am I Too Old To Do Something? Yes, Read Why!

Want to be a Master in your field/art?

Virtual Reality

Is VR Worth It 2018?

VR Gaming PC Quick Solution

Here Is Your Shortcut Knowledge to VR Headsets/Games/Experiences


How to Find High Paying Clients on Freelancing Websites

Bad Clients or Bad Freelancers - Whose Fault Is It?

Why Should You Become Freelancer

How Much Money Can You Make as a Freelancer

Payoneer Payment Gateway with PHP or WordPress

Top Reasons Why Freelancing Sites are Bad

PayPal Buyer Dispute Refund on Freelancing Services

Social Media

YouTube Rules to Kill Revenue for Small Creators

Article Writers Should Provide Examples of What They Are Writing About

Web Development

Rat-Race of Blind Web Development

Should I Upgrade to React?

Is W3Schools Good for Learning Web Development?


Security alert for your Apple ID Account | Phishing/Scam

Control and Move Objects Through Your Mind - Brainwave Sensing Headset

Why Windows 10 Sucks and Why You Should Not Upgrade or Upgrade

Free Offer Lie by videoblocks.com


What Age Group Titles or Names to Use for Target Audience

Fun Types of Freelancers You Will Face the Most

Here is How to Find the Reliable Freelancer

How Much Can You Earn From Udemy? w/ Proof of Income

Quick Hacks to Bring Online Course on Your Topic

How to Sell Games on Steam VR with More Sale | Read Customer's Mind

What Bugs You About Freelancers, Where is Your Pain?

Add WHY Question For Unsubscribtion

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News & Updates

YouTube English and Urdu Decision

Virtual Reality Experiments Started and New Section

Alert on Payoneer Undisclosed Reasons | with My Case Updates

Launched this Custom WordPress and Bootstrap Website

90% Off - New Course 'Fastest Full Stack Web Development Course for Beginners'

Released an ultimate collection of VR horror games

One of the Top Contributing Freelancer

Got the HTC Vive

$5 SUPER OFFER - Enroll in My Courses (limited time offer)

90% OFF - Announcing 'Convert Static Websites from HTML to PHP for Web Designers'

90% OFF - Announcing 'Create a Newsletter Subscribe Form in PHP, MySQL and AJAX'

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