"You earn what you struggle for." ~ Zeeshan Arshad

Losers Make Fun of You?

Jack-of-all-trade master of none?


Don't believe their false beliefs.

You (multi-talented) are better than master of one, period.

Insecure losers want you to stay in a small box - ignore them and keep doing whatever you want to do in your life.

2012: Higher than 99.94% Freelancers on

2018: Top Contributing Freelancer of

2018: Typist @125 WPM on

109 WPM

123 WPM

125 WPM

2018: Season 7 Electrum Rank in "Heroes Evolved" aka "MrZeeshan"

2012: "Fdrogue of the Alliance" ~ Most Dangerous Battleground Rogue of "World of Warcraft" on "Eternal-Wow" aka "Fdrogue"

2009: My Clan FD [Final Destroyer] Won 1st Prize in the "Inspire Gravity Amateur Dota Tournament"