The Real Zeeshan Arshad

2x Top-Ranked Developer

In the last 17 years, I’ve delivered personalized and customized web-based applications, business software, tools and scripts for over 200+ international clients to help them either reduce business expenses, bring offline data into a web-based system, manage staff remotely, revamp their old system, improve website speed optimization and solve technical problems.

Crash Courses Trainer

Time to time, I created and published step-by-step, hands-on and result-oriented crash practical courses for those who are looking to learn fast and save time.

My students have transformed themselves by learning "HTML in 85 Minutes" and "Full Stack in 7 Hours".

Child-Like Personality

Being a curious thinker, I experimented several roles in real life that enabled me to experience what it likes to be a job worker, freelancer, agency owner, entrepreneur and investor.I preferred to remain in freedom and solo over any other role (although each experience was nice).

Similarly, I've been called a consultant, coach, mentor, teacher, adviser, mind opener, etc by people.

I’ve done several online earning experiments including but not limited to blogging, affiliate marketing, adsense, private tutoring, online courses, coaching, mentoring, consultation, etc and I've personal experiences in gaming, spirituality, yoga, aerobics, martial arts, lucid dreaming, virtual reality, out of the body and curing black magic.

With Gaming to Computer

During 1994-1999, I was expelled from school due to having no fee. I had passion to create computer software but no money to buy computer or even take admission in any institute. A gaming friend (Ayaz Ahmad) helped me to use his computer and supported with helpful resources.

How Wikipedia Describes My Personality


"Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields."

~ Wikipedia

Renaissance Man

"The term Renaissance man or polymath is used for a very clever person who is good at many different things. The idea comes from a time of history called the Renaissance which lasted from about 1400 to about 1600. One of the most famous people alive during this time was Leonardo da Vinci."

~ Wikipedia

Slash Careers

"Having multiple careers is the growing trend in the late 20th century and early 21st century whereas a career comprises the work activities that can be identified with a particular job or profession These multiple careers can either be concurrent or sequential. Both may occur for different reasons."

~ Wikipedia


2018: Top Contributor of

2012: Top 1% Coder of

2018: Typist @125 WPM on

109 WPM

123 WPM

125 WPM

2018: Season 6 / 7 Electrum Ranked in "Heroes Evolved"

2012: "Fdrogue of the Alliance" ~ Top Battleground Rogue of "World of Warcraft" on "Eternal-Wow"

2009: Clan FD [Final Destroyer] Won 1st Prize in the "Inspire Gravity Amateur Dota Tournament"

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