Dr. Legend Zeeshan - A Multipotentialite Muslim Man Pakistan

Nobody Believes in You?

Lesson # 1: Most Beliefs ARE False

Lesson # 2: Being an Introvert IS Your Biggest Strength

Lesson # 3: Interests Across Multiple Disciplines is NOT a Weakness


Renaissance / Multipotentialite Muslim Man

A Pakistani polymath of the Renaissance whose areas of interest included information technology, designing, programming, video editing, writing, drawing, science, music, religions, spirituality, martial arts, gaming, virtual reality, film making, personal development, mental health and many others.

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Mental Death (2018) to Dr. Legend (2021)

A middle class boy who quit his study for the expenses and household responsibilities of his parents and siblings and lived in a small flat while working online and became an international top rank freelancer but when he took the step to free help people in Pakistan, he encountered mental death due to the hatred and criticism of freelancing and business industry envious people.

The Muslim Man has returned with more power than ever before by the help, mercy, might, power and command of ALLAH (اللہ) the King, Creator and God of Nature." ~ Al-Mighty King of the Universe

Date: March 14, 2021

Meet the Dr. Legend

Zeeshan Arshad is a curious researcher and spiritual Muslim scientist, doctor of nature, learner with beginner mindset and holistic thinking, global perspectives, international experience, bilingual capabilities, technological familiarity, entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and ability to deal productivity with complexity and chaos.

The Legend of ALLAH (اللہ)

A Renaissance Muslim Man of the 21st century with endowed holy powers and divine corona immune body forever by ALLAH (اللہ) the KING of universe.

Musim Man for Corona

Dr. Legend Zeeshan Lives in Pakistan