About Video Library

It's a curated video library to help people from Urdu / Hindi community (specially lower and middle class) access premium level video courses from a single place.

Why Should You Use This?

  • To access and learn premium curated contents without being spammed.
  • To avoid getting overwhelmed and waste time to search best courses.
  • To learn with focus without distraction and noise of social media environment.

What Do I Expect From You?

Watch, Practice, Practice, Practice.

Learn, Apply.

Just pick a category of your choice and go ahead to learn from best video courses. I always wanted to organize best contents on a single place for beginners and this platform is a system for me to do it.

How Did I Pick Contents?

I manually picked courses, videos or contents on a topic after checking its quality and value.

Will You Be Overwhelmed?

Not really, but it depends on your nature. Although, I've organized video courses that you can just follow up from a category and learn without distraction.

What Will Be Coming in Future?

Have you finished what's already available? :)

Two Most Important Questions...

Q: Are skills worth to learn?

Without any skill, forget about earning money online. Freelancing is all about solving problems with your skills so it doesn't matter what skills you learn but you MUST learn.

Q: Can I make money with my skills?

It depends on how consistent and focused you are for your future. As far as money is concerned, you can earn up to $10-$100+ hourly or even $1000+ monthly with your skills. All you have to do is spend your daily time in learning first then utilizing your skills to earn online by solving problems.

Q: Can I contribute/promote my high value free course?

Absolutely, this is an open library for best and high value contents. Just check categories from left side bar and send me your youtube playlist URL using contact form.

I value your trust, and hope that I can continue to provide high value contents for you!

Zeeshan Arshad
Legendary Freelancer