"You are only limited by your own beliefs." ~ Zeeshan Arshad


Hi, I'm Zeeshan Arshad from Pakistan, a technical professional who also happens to know about Sales & Marketing, Copywriting, Video Editing, SEO, Funnels and have experiences in multiple online earning models (eg. Affiliate, Adsense, Freelancing, Online Courses, YouTube, etc).

For the last 17+ years, I've been providing custom web services to international clients mostly from US/Canada older than 40+ who need someone reliable for emergency or long-term basis.


  • Completed over 510+ custom web development projects and tasks.
  • Studied over 1200+ books on various topics.
  • Written over 200+ articles in English and Urdu languages.
  • Have over 10,280+ students online.


"Don't limit yourself by opinions of limited people." ~ Zeeshan Arshad

My father couldn't continue my school due to financial condition and mother has to suffer doing jobs to let me finish school education (I had very hard time due to family condition and support).

Don't think it was simple for me or anyone in the world that you see as an extraordinary achiever. We all have one thing in common -- painful long journey behind that people who want overnight success, don't really realize in modern trending world.

When I was 16 years old, I had passion of making computer programs because I was a gamer since childhood but no money to buy computer.

Ayaz Ahmad (a gaming friend and computer networking expert) helped me with his computer and Internet access.

Learning Computer Knowledge (1996-1999)

I started to self-study computer hardware & software, networking, multimedia and animation tools, web designing & development and much more through articles and tutorials as well as practical experiments.

I started career by working as a sales boy on a CD/DVD shop and started to sell & purchase computer hardware and provided software services (an offline freelancer).

2 Years with 2 Hours Sleep a Day (1999-2002)

After several months of hard work I started career as a teacher then went into job environment and worked like a crazy guy for about 2 years in an ISP (SAMWOnline) while sleeping like 2 hours a day and also finished my intermediate diploma education.

I self-studied various web technologies like Cold Fusion, .NET, Flash, XML and ASP. I was hunger to learn anything new coming to the market.

It was a 9-5 rat-race job and seniors didn't help me for upgrading myself and ditched out my creative and hard work to prevent my growth in company.

I was disappointed by local people with lie and deception so I wanted to quit chasing 9-5 routine and stay at my home because I couldn't survive in such people.

I had started to work with one international client of a friend for website designing and flash animations and it was beginning of freelancing without knowing that I'm already on freedom path.

Typical Educational System (2002-2004)

One of my biggest frustration was having no highest grades and no strong education behind to appear in exams of typical universities in Pakistan due to their numbers and grades requirements.

My desire of higher education in computer science was killed. (I will admit that I didn't visit universities to talk to higher authorities regarding my situation - this was my mistake being an introverted type silent person)

Beside it, I was sick of local-bus traveling because it was normal routine of men to go in ladies compartment and I couldn't resist that they abuse women. Majority of men never stand up in my favor.

Frustration » Struggle » Success (2005)

Fast forward one day, I got a "5 Minute Freelancing" e-book. It was the idea and inspiration for freedom and quit 9-5 rat race.

I started to utilize minimum 5 minutes daily for bidding on projects (Guru, GetALancer, Elance) and after so much frustration in failing to win any project, I was disappointed.

I was sitting in frustration and thinking then Allah sent me a reminder that there is one more site where I should try.

I discovered back that forgotten site "RentACoder" in 2005 (I had registered there in 2001) and this time I carefully studied and reviewed many projects.

It took me approx. one or two months to earn my first $100 then I finally kick started my freelancing career with happiness.

How Wikipedia Describes My Personality

In modern world, following terms are coming out for people like me.


"Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields." ~ Wikipedia

Renaissance Man

"The term Renaissance man or polymath is used for a very clever person who is good at many different things. The idea comes from a time of history called the Renaissance which lasted from about 1400 to about 1600. One of the most famous people alive during this time was Leonardo da Vinci." ~ Wikipedia

Slash Careers

"Having multiple careers is the growing trend in the late 20th century and early 21st century whereas a career comprises the work activities that can be identified with a particular job or profession These multiple careers can either be concurrent or sequential. Both may occur for different reasons." ~ Wikipedia



I played games and experimented with virtual reality.

I also self-practiced martial arts and yoga to enhance my agility and strength.

My personal interests have an interesting relationship to the universe and observation.

I'm always been kind of a deep thinker.

In less technical arenas, I have interests ranging from literature to philosophy to religions to the sciences.


COMPUTER PROFESSIONAL - I'm living a digital lifestyle with computer for over 18 years.

WEB DEVELOPER - I create custom web solutions.

TEACHER - I teach and help people with practical training courses.

CONSULTANT - I provide suggestions and ideas.

MOTIVATOR - I've personally guided, motivated and changed life of some individuals.

WRITER - I write articles in Urdu and English languages.

RESEARCHER - I usually spend my time in research using the Internet.

THINKER - I think with critical and reverse mindset.

VIDEOS CREATOR - I create video contents.

GROWTH HACKER - I've done several growth experiments.

ONE-ON-ONE MARKETER - I've been selling services using chat for over 2 decades.

SPIRITUAL GUARDIAN - I've gone through spiritual lifestyle and helped people.

GAMER - I've been a gamer since childhood and now have interest in virtual reality.

LUCID DREAMER - I enjoy kingdom of dream world with control.


Feel free to fill out my contact form or directly chat on Skype: realisticzee (only for professional/business purpose)